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Service Description

We do professional logo design. All composing element is original and unique. The final product is Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Appropriate

We make research focused on the industry itself, in its history, and on its competitors. Find a reference to logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that may be related to the design brief. We Sketch the logo design concept(s) around the brief and research. Reflection is where we take breaks throughout the design process. This lets our ideas mature and help us get renewed enthusiasm.
Presentation, the moment when we show you a few instances of the logo in the right environment.

The ultimate challenge is the black and white mode if it is visible, recognizable and memorable the logo is correct.

An original logo that will represent your business and make it stand out from the crowd.

The logo kit will include:
- logo colored
- logo monochrome
- logo on negative
- fonts used

Deliver format (.eps .pdf .jpeg)


Briefing Details

- The exact name as you would like to appear in your logo. Do you have a tagline? Do you want this in the logo?
- Are there any specific images or icons that you wish or do not wish to be in your logo?
- Colors, do you have any color preferences or any existing colors you want in your logo?
- What attributes of your business would you like your logo to reflect?
- Who are your main competitors? Please list their websites if possible.
- Do any existing logos appeal to you & why? If so, please provide a link to a picture of each logo.



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