NonProfit, Not-For-Profit, NGO, or Charitable Organization Logo Design

Service Description

"...One good design for one good movement"

Only for those who involved in a non-profit / not-for-profit movement, here we offer our skill, experience and time to support your positive efforts.

It can be a NGO, a NPO, a NCO, a social campaign, a voluntary action, a charity event, a charitable organization, an orphanage project, a non-commercial independent community, a fund raising service, an ecology campaign, and so on.

Let's say that this deal is just a little semi-pro-bono service (or social responsibility service) from 'Candeed Creatives'.

If your goal is bringing good things and adding value to life, then our goal is translating your beautiful vision into visual communication language.

We all know that visually-appealing logo can make a difference in communicating your goodwill to public.


Deliverable Files:
- Logo design, delivered in scalable PSD or AI, jpg, png files (as needed).

- Pdf explanation / descriptions.


Some Tips:
- Click 'Send Enquiry' button in case you need to ask pre-job questions or ask for something which is out of the scope of this service (a custom job).

- Click 'Order Service' to start the project (sooner is better!).

- Click 'Add to Favorites' button to bookmark this service (so you could decide to use it later).

Briefing Details

Please take a moment to provide information about:

01. Full name.

02. Your organization / affiliation name.

03. Your country / location.

04. Your website (if any).

05. Mission / vision.

06. Preferred color(s).
Maybe you have existing branding color(s) that needed to be included in the logo?

07. Logo wording.
Exact words / phrases that needed to be written in the design (Case sensitive please).

08. Primary target audience (such as 'age range', demography, and so on).

09. Kindly state that the purpose / the usage of this logo design is really for a non-profit / not-to-profit activity.

10. Finally, you can add any other information that you think we should know regarding the logo design project.

. . . . . . .

Thanks for your time!