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Expert Versatile Logo Design

Service Description

Hi, I’m Darijus. I specialize in memorable, versatile and easy to use logo design. Versatile logos can be printed, embroidered, used as a stamp, or simply cut out of cardboard if needed – versatility is key. I believe logo design is the foundation of a brand identity. Once a logo design is done it’s much easier to deal with business cards, letterheads, banners etc. In my opinion a great logo design is a good start – half the battle type of situation.

For the standard service price you get 3 initial designs and up to two weeks of revisions.


Briefing Details

* Company name
* Slogan (if needed)
* Organization, business or product description
* Type of logo needed ( Word mark,letter form, emblem, typography etc.)
* What type of medias are you planning on using it.
* Any preferred colors.
* Attachment of logos that you like.



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