Professional Logo Design

Service Description

A logo is one of the most important part of the business, it is the face of the company/organization. We will assure you not just to design a beautiful logo but to create something that communicates to your target audience in a simple, effective and memorable way with a lasting impression. With a combined extensive research and design process, we will design a logo uniquely blended with creativity that enhances brand identity.

We offer affordable designs without compromising the quality, client's satisfaction is our main priority.


Briefing Details

For us to go in the right direction, we would be needing the following to be answered:

1. Name to be incorporated in the logo
2. Slogan or Tagline if any
3. A short brief of the company/organization.
4. Target Audience
5. Line of Business
6. What are the product or services does your company/organization provide?
7. Possible usage of the logo
8. Color palettes might you prefer
9. Sample logos you like.
10. Sample logo you don't like.
11. Do you have any symbols or object preferences? If yes what are those?
12. What restrictions, if any, might there be on the logo?
13. What to avoid.
14. Other important instruction

Unlimited minor revision is accepted.



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