Personal Brand Logos

Service Description

Custom & Hand made logos for you personal Brand

We offer you more than 10 years experience of an Fine Art Degree Multimedia Graphic designer

You get CMYK(print) or RGB(web) a unique logo design

We serve PDF,JPG,PNG or any other format by demand, for online or printing purposes

Responsive for special orders and trying to fit your needs with every job your order.


Briefing Details

Provide a Company Name, a Text/Name to be used in logo and a Tag line to be used in/added to logo (if applicable)

How should it look like? Text, Iconic, Graphical, Illustrative

Guidelines for colour or number of colors required and a little about your company and the appropriate kind of logo, eg. what do you wish to portray in your logo, Inspiring Photo

Your ideas:
Describe some ideas you might have in mind for your logo design, or features that you DO NOT wish integrated into your logo

Similar logos:
Any web sites/companies that have logos SIMILAR to what you're looking for?



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