Service Description

I've designed a special process that will help us reach the desired results.

This service will require a time investment as well. We will have at least 3 calls, each call will last about 1h.

The steps are:

1. Meet-up call - We will learn more about each other. I will ask you some questions and give you a bit of homework do to (you will receive a brief).

2. Mood-board session - I will present you three different directions for the look and feel of what we are looking for. These directions are based on my experience and information received from you in the brief. They will help us better understand what "Fun" and "Energetic" mean for each one.

3. Logo Presentation

At the end of the project, you will receive a folder with logo files in all need formats.

Let's get started!

Briefing Details

To be received in our first meeting.

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