3 Custom Logo Designs

Service Description

Internationally Awarded graphic artist w/15 years of creative experience (with some of the largest advertising agencies) - Elite status on Envato marketplace.

I will send you 3 designs per order, exploring creative ways to present your brand/look in the best & the most way professionally possible. Sometimes, the 1st design will be "the money", but usually I get inspired in few ways and I will make a total of 3 designs (and you get to keep them all). They may not be completely different, I may just explore a few look in a same style, or I may do something radically different - that depends of my mood and inspiration and can't be influenced.

Having a right logo for your company can mean all the difference between a strong, successful business and the week one. Having a logo that says "professionalism" is crucial in starting your new venture, or in re-vamping the old one. I will design your logo with strong professional branding in mind (for both - print and web), so your potential clients won't look elsewhere.


Briefing Details

Give me few details about your business, favorite style / color if you have or any other instructions you may have. Or you can just give me the name and leave the rest to me.



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