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Service Description

We are two brothers Hunor and Apor from Budapest, Hungary. We have 8+ years of working experience in design territory and have more than 500 satisfied customers worldwide. Most of our projects are featured in various design books, like Novum - World of the graphic design magazine, Oktogon magazine, Logonest, and many others. Since we are working in this field we received a lot of design awards, like A design award, Architzer design award, Iconic design awards, Behance appreciation award, Hungarian design awards, Golden drawing pin design award. We have been successful in many competitions! We were among the top 6 in the Electrolux DesignLab, we won the first prize in the Hansgrohe - Caracalla design contest and the Laufen - Caracalla design contest.

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This price includes 6 different items, but you can ask a custom inquiry, just drop me a message:

Logo design concepts - AI, PDF, EPS, PNG, JPG files (Illustrator vector files)
Letterhead (A4): 210×297 mm - IDML, PDF files (Indesign vector files)
Business Card (Front and Back): 85×55 mm - IDML, PDF files (Indesign vector files)
Pattern - a repeated decorative design (using your logo or an element from your brand)
Page cover - (A4): 210×297 mm - IDML, PDF files (Indesign vector files)
Envelopes (C4 and DL) - IDML, PDF files (Indesign vector files)

- Zip file, containing all files sorted in folders.
- PDF, AI, EPS, PNG, and JPG files
- Monochrome version and every color variations on different background
- Professional mockups, so you can see, how will look in real life
- Additional help to use the files
- Font information (but in many cases, I design unique font)
- Pantone color codes

And one more thing... I also give you a smile on your face! :)

Working process:

Phase 1: I make 3 different logo design concepts
Phase 2: From these 3 concepts you can select one direction
Phase 3: You have 3 revisions to change something on the selected logo
Phase 4: I make the letterhead, business card, pattern, page cover, envelopes
Phase 5: You have 2 revisions to change the items.

If you are ready to get started, just click 'Order Service', or if you have a question drop us a message pressing the Contact button and we will discuss everything! If you need more items or you have unique preferences I give you a custom inquiry.

Thank you for reading this little brief - we look forward to working with you on your new project.


Briefing Details

1. What kind of software do you use? What kind of file formats do you prefer?
2. What kind of colours do you prefer?
3. Show me your favourite 3 brand examples. - Tell me why you prefer. (Pinterest is your friend)
4. Give me all your address, email, phone number(s), website, tagline, social link, names, employees, slogan what you would like to see the ordered items.
5. If you have a special size request please tell me.

If your order contains logo design like extra, please answer:
1. If you want a rebrand, what was your old logo?
2. How can you describe in one sentence your company?
3. How can you describe in one word your company?
4. Do you have interesting information about your company?
5. Do you have an object, building, animal, person which is related to your company?
6. What is the name of your company?
7. What kind of logos do you prefer?
Symbol or Icon - ex: Apple, WWF
Wordmark - ex: Disney, Coca-Cola
Lettermark - ex: Calvin Klein, IBM
Combination Mark - ex: Adidas, McDonald's
Emblem - ex: Starbucks, Harley-Davidson
8.Elegant or Bold?
9.Playful or Serious?
10.Traditional or Modern?
11.Personable or Professional?
12.Feminine or Masculine?
13.Colourful or Conservative?
14.Economical or Upmarket?