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We are two brother Hunor and Apor from Budapest, Hungary. We have 8+ years of working experience in design territory and have more than 500 satisfied customers worldwide. Most of our projects are featured in various design books, like Novum - World of the graphic design magazine, Oktogon magazine, Logonest and many others. Since we are working on this field we received a lot of design awards, like A design award, Architzer design award, Iconic design awards, Behance appreciation award, Hungarian design awards, Golden drawing pin design award. We have been successful in many competitions! We were among the top 6 in the Electrolux DesignLab, we won the first price in the Hansgrohe - Caracalla design contest and the Laufen - Caracalla design contest.

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Working process:

Phase 1: I make two different concepts to your cover
Phase 2: You have to select one of them
Phase 3: You have two revisions to change something on the cover

What will you get?

- High-quality vector files
- Presentation on mock-ups (like in real life)
- A big smile on your face

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Please let me know all information which helps me to design your cd covers!

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