Optimize Amazon Product Listing

Service Description

Do you have an Amazon store (Seller Central) and your goal is to increase the monthly sales of your products? I will comprehensively optimize your chosen product listing to help your product become more organically visible to the millions of people who shop on Amazon every day. Successful Amazon listings begin with making your product stand out from the competition. From messaging to keywords to format, small details can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor.

The goal of this job is to improve the quality of your product listing and make it more visible in Amazon’s search, resulting in more potential customers learning about your product, and more people making a purchase from you.

My comprehensive product listing optimisation includes in-depth analysis and research of specific keywords you – and your competitors - are currently using, and adding or replacing those which will help to maximise your organic visibility, improving your chances of achieving more sales. I will offer enhancements and improvements to your main 'Features' bullet points as well as your 'Description' text (including how to format the layout so it looks more professional to your potential buyers), I will check the quality and suitability of the images you are using, and whether all the informational tabs in your listing have been correctly completed and optimised fully.

Let me optimize one product listing and then come back for more when you see the results. Remember, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on Amazon's Sponsored Products platform, or for a small one-off fee I could optimise your product listing, making it more visible organically in Amazon's Search Results without ongoing advertising costs.

Briefing Details

Your product listing should be owned by yourself - this means you created it / added it to the Amazon catalogue yourself via your Seller Central account. I cannot optimize listings which are not unique to your store, ie if you are just a reseller of a well-known brand/product and you are using one of Amazon's pre-existing Catalogue listings. If in doubt, please simply message me first.

In order to get started, I will initially need to know the details of your Amazon Store and your chosen Product Listing you would like me to work on. It would also be helpful to know how many sales you have made from the listing in the last 30 days so we can chart the progress of the optimisation.

I will then send you short instructions on how to set me up with limited permissions so I can access your Amazon account only granting me access to manage your product listing information (I do not have access to any other part of your Amazon Selling Account so this method is completely secure and you can also remove me once the work is complete or whenever you wish). I can then liaise with you regarding the improvements and, once approved, will go ahead and make the changes. Remember this Hourlie is for improving one product listing - I offer discounts for multiple listing optimisations.