Professional Logo Design

Service Description

My name is Omar Salah, I've been a graphic designer for 6 years. I would describe myself as reliable, easy to reach and always delivering high quality product.

I try to give my best to every job and provide logos what make my clients happy and help their companies grow and be recognized easily. My style is more of a simplistic and clean one, but at the client's request I can provide more complex and colorful designs too.

Deliverables are :

- .Ai Source File
- High Resolution .PNG and .PSD Files.


Briefing Details

- Who are you ?
What is your business or service name that is to be incorporated into the logo ? Do you have a slogan that is to be used in the logo ?

- What is your target audience ?
Demographics that your targeting with your new branding.

- Who are your competitors ?
Name some of your competitors and write down their website or any of their online social presence of theirs.

- Tones & Keywords
What are the values you are trying to convey with your logo ?

- Application
Where will your logo be applied.

- Logo Style
What is the logo style you are looking for ? Provide a logo that fits the style you are looking for if you can.

- Creative Considerations
Ex. Specific colors, shapes, fonts, initials, uppercase or lowercase.

- Additional Information
Write down whatever comes to your mind, Any idea or request that concerns your project and was not covered by this form.



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