Professional Logo Design

Service Description

Hi, I'm Nadir Balcikli

I am a freelance logo designer with 10+ years of experience.

I live in Ankara, Turkey.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients all around the world, ranging from small startups to large traditional enterprises.

The most important elements in my logo designs are simplicity and creativity. In addition, a logo design should be distinctive, visible, adaptable, memorable, universal and timeless.

My work has been published in various publications such as LogoLounge, Logopond, Branding Element – Logos, Logo Nest, Iheartlogos, Photoshop Magazin etc.

I am currently available to take on new projects.

If you are ready to get started, just click 'Order Service' and prepare your detailed brief.

Looking forward to working with you!


Briefing Details

- What is the exact wording you would like to appear in the logo?

- Do you have a tagline for your brand / project?

- What was the idea behind the name? Where did it come from?

- What product(s) or service(s) does your business offer?

- Who is your target market / demographic?

- Who are your competitors? How do you differ from them?

- What are your personal preferences?

- Is there any additional information you would like to mention?