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Service Description

My passion is design - from handmade retro typography and engraved illustration technique to a clean and modern design. I design for the client — not for myself. My strength is the ability to gain an understanding of the client's needs, and create a brand that serves them and their target market in the best way possible.
I am very experienced which gives me the ability to be very fast, succinct, and professional. Let's get started!

Briefing Details

I would like an initial meeting with the client to gain in-depth information about their product or services and the image and brand they want to convey, and find out what their expectations will be for the project. Second, I go through the design process and the client can expect a minimum of three initial design concepts for their logo. After this presentation, and I have had a discussion with the client and their feedback, I will continue the process to refine. I create in Adobe Illustrator as a vector file and will deliver .eps, pdf, psd, several versions (sizes) of jpegs and png.

I love working with start ups and new businesses...their enthusiasm is absolutely inspiring.



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