Arabic Logo Design & Arabic Calligraphy

Service Description

Modern Arabic calligraphy and typography is one of the distinctive art in itself. The Kufi, Persian, Deewani and various scripts which forms the basis of Arabic calligraphy are a treasure to work with specially the wealth of style, forms and typesetting which can be derived through them is enormous.

We are also pioneer in setting some of the contemporary styles and envisioning logo through a unique yet different perspective with one of the largest client base from mainly Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE ( Dubai, Abu Dhabi ), Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. We have also served a number of businesses from Lebanon and other Arabic speaking countries.

Briefing Details

Things that we need:

1. Company Name (English & Arabic)
2. Slogan (if needed)
3. Organization, Business or product description
4. Type of logo needed
5. Preferred colors
6. Attach of logos that you like