Service Description

You already know that a "good looking logo" without meaning is not enough, you want to communicate something through your brand to people (especially to your target audience). Achieving this in 1-2 revisions is almost impossible, if you need a service with a professional workflow, with unlimited iterations just order this service and let's begin the collaboration! (So it's not just 5 revisions, it's unlimited!)

What is a professional workflow?
In this approach we always start with sketches. It’s very important to see more possibilities before starting the vectorization of the two or three best candidates. While sketching, designers have more freedom to visualize and express their ideas. After a few revisions we’ll finalize the sketching phase. The best ideas will be vectorised, and we’ll develop the monochrome version of the logo (no colors yet). When the logo will look good in B&W we’ll start to add colors and wrap the things up. The final logo will be delivered for dark and light backgrounds, both color and monochrome versions. In the end of a professional workflow, clients can get a brand style guide (on request), with the necessary information about the proper usage of the logo and brand elements.

This service is not for everyone, this is for the most demanding clients.

Do you have a question? Send an enquiry before ordering the service and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.


Briefing Details

What I need to get started:
- Name to incorporate in logo
- Tagline to incorporate in logo (if any)
- Company description & Target audience
- Your Website address (or link to preferred template)
- Let me know what logo type are you looking for?
(Symbol, Word Mark, Letter Mark, Combination or Emblem - For explanation check: )
- Logo examples you like
- Brand Color preference (if any)



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