Professional Company Logo Design

Service Description

You already know that a "good looking logo" without meaning is not enough, you want to communicate your company's values through your brand to people (especially to your target audience). Sometimes less is more (we can explore that direction too), but there are times when you need a more complex logo, maybe the best would be a badge logo or something more artistic, something detailed. If that's the case with your current project, this service is the best choice.

If you have the sufficient resources (time and money), I recommend that you check the extras I offer for this service. To get the best possible results I would advise to opt for the "agency workflow", which brings the most value, but you're free to customize the experience with the other extras as well.

Do you have a question? Check the FAQ below or send an enquiry before ordering the service and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.


What is the agency workflow?

With this extra option the best result is ensured, by using the methodologies of successful brand design agencies. In this approach we always start with an extensive research about your competitors and other brands that you look up to. Then comes the brainstorming and we create hand drawn sketches. It’s very important to see more possibilities before starting the vectorization of the two or three best candidates. While sketching, designers have more freedom to visualize and express their ideas. After a few revisions we’ll finalize the sketching phase. The best ideas will be vectorized, and we’ll develop the monochrome version of the logo (no colors yet). When the logo will look good in B&W we’ll start to add colors and wrap the things up. The final logo will be delivered for dark and light backgrounds, both color and monochrome versions. At the end of the professional or "agency workflow", clients can get a brand style guide (on request), with the necessary information about the proper usage of the logo and brand elements.

What is the professional delivery package?

When you get a logo designed, at the end of the project you usually just get the vector file of that single variant of logo. With the additional "Professional Delivery Package" you get agency level deliveries.

- At first an extra option of the logo (so you'll have horizontal + vertical arrangements), that's when the symbol is above or beside the logo, those have different applications. For example the version where the symbol is beside the logo is called a horizontal logo and it's useful for website headers.
- Secondly, you get the inverse color logo, so you'll have logos that work great on light and dark backgrounds too.
- Then you get a Black and a White version of the logo.
- In the delivery package you'll find separate files for the symbol and the typography (when applicable).
Finally you'll get multiple file formats of all of the above mentioned logo options (ie. jpg, png, svg, eps).


Briefing Details

Please provide the following information:
1. Project type (new brand for new company, re-branding existing company, etc)
2. Company description (Your Website URL, Business Activity, Company Size, etc)
3. Describe your Target Audience (age, gender, average income, etc)
4. Desired Brand Voice (Approachable, Friendly, Corporate, Feminine, etc)
5. How will you use the logo (On website, printed material, apparel, etc)
6. Name to incorporate in logo
7. Tagline to incorporate in logo (if any)
8. Symbol ideas for the logo (if any)
9. Color choice (only as a reference)
10. Logo or Design Examples (mood board or other style reference)
11. Will you need anything else than a logo? (stationery, website design, etc)
12. Anything other specific (any requirements, etc)



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