High Quality and Professional Logo Design

Service Description

Logo helps put a 'face' to your business or company. Having a half baked and ugly logo is a sure fire way to let your customers and clients think that you are not taking your business seriously. A good logo on the other hand will likely put trusts in the relationships with your customers.

We at Projectile Studio love good branding and we take design to heart. That is why we will craft your logo, your business' public face with love and nothing else but high quality design approach.

Send us your brief by filling in the requirements below and we will submit 2-3 concepts. From the initial ideas we will choose one and further develop the concept until completion.

Looking forward to working together with you :)

What you will get:
- 100% vector logo in Adobe Illustrator file
- other format: JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, PSD


Briefing Details

Please fill in ALL the requirements to help us create the best logo design solution for you:
- Your brand or company slogan
- Describe your business and target audience
- Any history behind your business name?
- What make your business unique?
- Who are your competitors?
- Colors that you want and don't want in your logo.
- Other big brands logo that you like and don't like
- What feeling should the logo evoke (feminist, masculine, smart, solid, soft, clean, weird, etc)
- What type of logo (icon, abstract, lettermark, emblem, combination)

Try to be as precise and elaborate as possible as this will help greatly with the idea that we will come up with.