Professional Logo Design / 6 Design or Concepts

Service Description

This is a professional logo design service. We use processes, methods and a unique design style that allow us to create projects with great visual impact and easy to remember.

Our design style is characterized by being modern and simple. In most cases we combine 2 elements to create an easy concept to interpret.

The files included in this service are:

Vector Files: AI, EPS
Image Files: JPG, PNG, PSD
Support file: TXT

Briefing Details

To achieve the expected result information is vital and these are the most important points.

· Details of the company or business.

- Company name:
- Website (if available):
- Location of the company:
- Scope, local, regional, national, global:
- Object of the company:
- Company Overview:

· Details of the competition.

- Websites:
- Logos and Marks:
- Information of the company:

· Preferences designs.

- Logos and Brands
- Colors
- Types of brand, modern, elegant, retro, corporate, optimized for the web, etc..

· Additional information: