Magento to Magento Data Migration ( V1 to V2) or (V2 -V2) - Products / Orders - 1-500

Service Description

Do you need to migrate your old Magento site data to Magento v2?
What data can Possibly be Migrated

There will be price difference based on the product count.please see the packages below

Package 01 - Products / Orders - 1-500
Package 02 - Products / Orders - 1-1000
Package 03 - Products / Orders - 1-2000
Package 04 - Products / Orders - 1-3000
Package 05 - Products / Orders - 1-4000
Package 06 - Products / Orders - 1-5000

if its more than 5000 then we will have a discuss before finalize the amount

*Important -

There will be only products migration and NO THEME Customization will be migrated.if you need to have same theme migrated to new Magento version then it will be a separate task.

*If you need i can install Magento v2 fresh install for target site.

Briefing Details

Source site Control panel access details
Source site FTP details
Source site Magento admin login details

Target site Control panel access details
Target site SSH access details with port
Target site Magento admin login details

Domain names of target and source sites