Video Marketing Campaign Planning

Service Description

Just hired a production company to produce a video, but not sure how best to utilize your new assets? Thinking about hiring a production company, but want to know if you'll actually see ROI after investing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars?

If video is on your radar (and it should be!), you'll definitely want to make sure you're maximizing your ROI. It can be one of the most expensive marketing investments you can make, but has the highest ROI potential of any other medium for almost any business.

I have 8 years experience in the industry and have produced video on five-hundred dollar budgets and forty-thousand dollar budgets.

I'll work with you to assess your company and your target demographic, and write a plan of action to launch a video marketing campaign including:

* Which types of video will produce the highest ROI for your business
* Best practices for hosting video
* Best thumbnail practices
* Best practices for social
* Using landing pages to drive conversions
* Understanding the video marketing conversion funnel as it relates to your business needs
* What analytics to watch for ROI and how to read them
* Appropriate price points for video production for your business
* Appropriate investment in social, pre-roll, or broadcast marketing

This is NOT a "download a cool guide" service. I'll work to assess your business and come up with a strategy that suits both your budget and your needs.

Briefing Details

To start, I'll just want a link to your website and social pages and what city you're primarily operating out of. If you already have video content, send links to that as well. If not, or if you're looking to produce more, let me know if you have a budget in mind.