PPC Campaign Setup - Google & Bing Ads

Service Description

Do You need to Setup Google or Bing Ads?

I'm working for my own business and for my clients from last 6 years. I increase my sales by 65% by using Google ads/Adwords. Save money by a perfect set up of your ads.


- Setup of one Campaign.
- Goal Setup ( Sales/Lead/Website Traffic/Product and brand consideration/Brand Awareness).
- Networks Setup (Search Network/ Display Network).
- Location, Language and Budget Setup.
- Demographics Setup ( Age, Gender, etc.).
- Bid strategy setup.
- Ad Groups Setup.
- Ads and Extension Setup.
- Remarketing
- Keywords setup (Broad match/Phrase match/Exact match/ Negative Keywords).

Service Benefits

1. Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)
2. Reduce Avg. Cost Per Click.
3. Improve conversion rate & ROI
4. Improve Quality score.
5. Improve overall campaign performance
6. Reduce marketing cost and get more profit.

This service is for Single ad setup. if you need to set up multiple ads, order my service each time or send an enquiry to create a custom job.

Briefing Details

Provide access to Google or Bing Ads account by creating a user.

For Google Ads:

For Bing Ads