Google Ads Marketing Strategy

Service Description

* Google Ads Marketing Strategy - What is this?

This is a service I've been offering for my customers for the past 5 years and it will help you to better understand how to create a Google Ads promotional campaign.

You'll learn what KPIs are important, where to look to find out how your campaigns are performing and what are the most important areas in Google Ads.

I have +10 years of experience in managing Google Ads campaigns for various clients from all-over the globe; I'll deliver a comprehensive PDF report custom tailored to your business and needs;

** The PDF will provide information regarding:

A. Keywords with estimated impression volume and CPC data;
B. Benchmark data for your industry for Cost-Per-Click, Click-Through Rate and Cost-Per-Acquisition;
C. Overall campaign structure with insightful tips for scaling performance;
D. Lists of negative keywords that will help you exclude potential irrelevant costs.

*** What's not included?

1. This will not guarantee profitable results. Google Ads is a complex advertising channel. You will have to monitor and continuously improve your setup.
2. I will not manage your account and ads weekly or on monthly basis - Account Maintenance is another service.


Briefing Details

1. Website URL - This service is only available in you have a fully-functional and live website.
2. What's your targeted audience? Who are your potential customers?
3. What's your budget? How much money would you like to invest in Google Ads per month?
4. What do you consider being a profitable Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Sale for your business?
5. What is your current website monthly traffic?
6. Provide 10 keywords you think your potential customers will search on Google.