Professional Mixing Service

Service Description

Ray is a founder of L-RayMusic Studio. He is an academic musician, song writer, audio producer, composer and a recording artist/multi-instrumentalist. He composes, records and produces in various genres. (Rock, Acoustic, Indie, Jazz, Classical etc.)
He Mix and Master using a high quality audio post production hardware and software in acoustically treated environment.
He will deliver a high quality audio files in any format you need. (WAV/Mp3)


Briefing Details

Send me your recorded and unprocessed
audio tracks for mixdown, or tracks/instruments can be grouped and bounced into stems. So one sub group for drums, vocals, guitars, synths, bass etc.
Wav files that are 24 bit at 44.1khz (or 48khz) work best but if you do have 16 bit at 44.1khz that's fine as well. Export your tracks in the same format you recorded them at.
For best possible result, also please provide me with references to other similar songs which acoustically suits to your project.