Professional Mastering Service

Service Description

My goal is to make dynamic masters, enhanced and open sounded. They need to be competitive with radio masters in overall volume, frequency balance, dynamics and punch.
My studio is a acoustically treated room packed with music gear and hi-end mixing/mastering speakers. I usually work "in the box" with top notch plugins such as Universal Audio, Sonnox, Softube, Eiosis, Slate Digital etc.
After mastering process i will deliver a high quality WAV audio files at 48/44.1 kHz, 24/16 bit. (Mp3 320Kpbs included).


Briefing Details

Please submit your stereo mixdown track (WAV 24/16bit - 48 or 44.1kHz) with no possible processing on master channel. The loudest part in a mix should peak between -6 and -3db on the master bus.
For best possible result, also please provide me with references to other similar songs which acoustically suits to your project.