PSD / Sketch to XML Design for Android

Service Description


This service offers design files to android studio xml conversion. If you have design files ready in photoshop or bohemian sketch or adobe illustrator, I can convert those designs into XML for the android studio. Which you can carry further for development.

Basically, app development shall require following steps:
1. User Interface/ Graphic Designs
2. XML conversion
3. Application Development

In this service, I offer step #2, i.e. xml creation which you can use for your application development process. In the xml, the buttons and elements shall be clickable, and the screens can be navigated from pages.

>> No. of screens covered under this service:
10 design screens
(please ask me for a ballpark figure for a task with more or less screens)

>> Deliverables
Prototype APK file
Android studio source file

>> Notes:
- This service does not cover application development
- This service does not cover any graphic designing work

I would request you to discuss with me prior to placing the order.

Briefing Details

I shall require following:

- Design source file (i.e. Photoshop or sketch or illustrator)
- Application logo, if available