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Designs Guru Studio
We Are A Design Tech Studio. Where Art Meets Technology. We Design Digital Experiences To The Next Level.

We Design Professional AdMob Banners For Your AD Campaign

This package will include the final file in .psd, .jpg/gif formats in addition to all of the fonts used in the banners.

Special package exclusively for people who wants to use AdMob Banners. It comes with the sizes as below:

HD You can upload double-sized images (for example, a 640x100 image for a 320x50 ad slot) for high-resolution display devices. When your ad is served, we’ll auto-adjust the image based on the device’s pixel density. (150 KB or smaller)

320 x 50: Mobile leaderboard HD
480 x 32: Mobile banner (landscape) HD
320 x 100: Large mobile banner HD
468 x 60: Banner HD
728 x 90: Leaderboard HD
300 x 250: Inline rectangle HD
320 x 480: Smartphone interstitial (portrait) HD
480 x 320: Smartphone interstitial (landscape) HD
768 x 1024: Tablet interstitial (portrait) HD
1024 x 768: Tablet interstitial (landscape) HD

About the creating process:
✓ No templates! Creating from scratch!
✓ Originality and Creativity only!
✓ Art! Positive! Respect!

Thanks again for your interest and I look forward to working with you on this project!
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1. Can I ask revisions for my banner or visual design?
Yes, we offer free revisions on color, text messages, animation etc. on same banner or visual design to maximize our customers satisfaction. Free revisions does not include change of size or change of complete text messages. It will be counted as completely new banner visual design and charged accordingly.

2. What information do you require for banner and visual design?
We require your website address, logo file and text message you prefer to add on banner and visual design, If you have any image to use on banner you can attach them with banner order as well. However, if you don't have specific requirements, then you could just give me your website address and we will try to put something together based on what we see there.

3. How long does it take to create my banner or visual design?
You will get the first draft of design in 48 hours, our typical turnaround time is 48 hours It can take up to 72 hours on weekends, holidays or due to heavy work load.

Briefing Details

- Your website address
- Business logo or business name
- Text lines you would like to display on the banner
- Color choice
- Anything specific
- Images to be used (if necessary e.g product images, screenshots or stock photos )
-Would you buy stock images for your banners?
Yes / No
Let's Go!!