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Custom Music Production

Service Description

We create music according to your specifications. Working from our studio in Stockholm, Sweden, we will write, record, mix and master a track to match your brief.

While spanning many musical genres, in some cases we need to turn down work because of specific instrumentation or genre knowledge involved. Please have a listen at our portfolio beforehand to get to know our sound and what to expect.


1 Music Track in 44 kHz 16 bit WAV

Briefing Details

Submit reference music and/or a detailed description of the track you need:

Usage (e.g. for video, presentation, voiceover background)
Mood (e.g. happy, upbeat, inspirational)
Tempo (e.g. slow, medium, fast)
Genre/style (e.g. pop, rock, jazz, classical)
Track duration (e.g.. 0:30, 1:00)
Any specific instrumentation, sounds or lyrics
Any specific dynamics (e.g. "slowly building up to a climax at 1:00")