Custom Music Production (2 Minutes)

Service Description

2 minutes of customized professional music written to your (agreed upon) specifications for video or other use. Will include a full 2 minute version, 1 min cue, and a 30 sec cue. Maximum of 3 instruments. (example: Piano, guitar and drums) For adding more instruments, see extras for pricing.

MusicBox Studios has been the music provider for over 700 different clients. Some of those clients include American Express, Pepsi, Ferrari, Samsung, Amazon and a host of other very recognizable names.

Through Envato Studio we can help the message be delivered exactly the way you the client envisioned it when you first formulated your idea. Here we can turn your thoughts into musical reality.


Briefing Details

Lets talk about what do you have in mind.

Links to YouTube videos that contain examples of the music you had in mid are great also. Keeping in mind, we cannot "duplicate" copy-written material. We can however be inspired by your examples and move in that direction.

If the job is for a video we would prefer a copy of the finished video. We offer a private DropBox folder for each client so that videos, revisions and other information can be securely shared.