Custom Music Composing

Service Description

Make your project exclusive with custom music!

Hello, I offer custom music writing for any kind of media projects, including:
- games;
- movies;
- corporate videos;
- commercials/Ads;
- wedding/home videos;
- radio/tv shows, podcasts.

What does "custom composing" includes:
- composing melody and harmony;
- writing the arrangement using VST/VSTi;
- recording live instrument if needed (bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion);
- mixing;
- mastering.

Befor two final steps (mixing and mastering) I send the draft to customer in order to ensure, that everything matches expectations. If something didn't match I can make up to 3 different drafts.
Then I make some fixes (if needed) and finish the project.

So, at the end of process you will get ready-to-use high quality not compressed audio file (.wav/.aiff) and compressed mp3 copy.

The price is for 1 minute of ready music file.


Briefing Details

In order to start I need:
- detailed information about your project;
- video file of the part, where music is needed (if possible);
- detailed description of desired music (genre, preferred instruments, length, dynamic, etc... - I will send to customer a list of key questions.