Custom Music for Commercials

Service Description

Music production for your commercial, covering the whole process, from the composition following your instructions to delivering the final master.

This also can include sound designing and voice over (in different languages) as well as different editions (20, 30, 60 seconds, instrumental versions, etc.) in any format (WAV, mp3, etc.) required.

I can cover any kind of music style or genre and work pretty fast under pressure. Non-conventional commercials, as mini-short promotional movies, video-resumes, etc. are welcomed.


Briefing Details

I will need a briefing explaining the project and objectives, with all the relevant information such as target group, music style, duration, editions required, what do you want to transmit and achieve, etc.

I will also need a copy of the video (and further editions) to score. Does not need to be a high resolution one.

Lastly, examples of music tracks and/or other commercials as references are also useful.