Original Soundtrack

Service Description

"A great film needs a great soundtrack".

This service includes 1 minute of Original Soundtrack (you can select more time by adding Extras).
Cinematic music perfect for movies, documentaries and shorts.

Styles you can choose: epic, action, adventure, drama, comedy, crime, historical, science fiction, war, family, animation, horror, mistery, romance.

Choose what you need: from orchestral and symphonic to minimalistic strings.

I work with the best music libraries in the market: EWQL, Omnisphere, VSL, 8Dio, Komplete, Alchemy, Efymov and more.

WAV and mp3 320kbps included.


Briefing Details

Tell me about your project!

Things I need to know before starting working:

- Mood: comedy, epic, romantic, thriller, drama,...
- Tempo: slow, medium, fast.
- Storyline.
- Additional information: things you want I include (or not) in the track.
For example: "No percussion" or "a children's choir a capella".