Custom Music Production (Up 3 Minutes )

Service Description

This service offers: making Custom Instrumental Music.Custom Music for logos, websites, video clips, games, and for your channel.
If you can not find the right music for your project, have an idea or you've heard a
similar track? Please - contact me. Only Instrumental music! - in every style and mood, audio can be sliced into pieces that can be easily synchronized with your work. We will discuss the details of your wishes - will be taken into process when creating a track.

What You Get?

The main instrumental track - high quality audio in waw & mp3 formats;
Time play - about 3 minutes;
If necessary, each piece of track may be presented separately;
And also possible looping pieces
Variations as Extra

For Extras possible some variation of the main melody, additional transitions and bridges between the pieces.


Briefing Details

What do I need to start?
Tell me more about your idea, give a link to similar music or video...
You can specify the time code with the main accents (entry, the main theme, transitions...)
We will discuss in detail all the nuances: instruments, mood, tempo and wishes...