Trailer Music (30 Seconds)

Service Description

Score Studio Music is pleased to offer custom orchestral and hybrid/orchestral trailer music composition services up to 30 seconds in length.

After working hard on your video and spending so much time getting it perfect, that last dusting of musical magic can really help your visuals come to life. Whether happy, sad, heroic or dramatic, music composed especially for your project can enhance its power and individuality.


Briefing Details

To achieve the quickest turnaround possible, I would need:

- The finished trailer/video, or a lower quality render, with timings and edit points locked in.
- If effects or specific ‘hit-points’ have not yet been completed, then a brief explanation of what they will be, and the times they will occur in the project.
- Examples of trailer music you like and feel would fit well.
- The ‘mood’ you are aiming for in a few keywords, such as ‘Dramatic, Epic, Uplifting, Heroic, Dangerous’.
- The format you would like delivered files in.

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