Custom Acoustic Song Production

Service Description

I will compose, arrange, perform, record and mix a custom acoustic music track for your project. The maximum track length is 3 minutes.

The song will include instruments such as guitars, acoustic drums, piano, bass, ukulele, glockenspiel and percussion, depending on the mood.

The music will be 90% hand made with real instrument recordings which I will perform in my recording studio.

The music could be used for videos, slideshows, presentations, websites etc.

The completed song will be delivered as a 16Bit/44,1kHz Stereo WAV file.

You can listen to some examples below to get an idea of my general style and determine the desired mood.


Briefing Details

To get started, I would need detailed project information, including the desired mood & length of the song. If the music will be synced to picture, I would need the related video file as a download or Youtube link.