Custom Music for Video Games and Apps

Service Description

Professional music 100 % original for video games and mobile apps.

This service includes 1 minute of music (you can add more time in Extras)

Find the perfect music for your project: creative, funny, catchy, technologic,..

Premium instrument collection. I work with the best sound libraries in the market: EWQL, Omnisphere, Komplete, Camel Audio, 8Dio, VSL, Embertone, Efymov,...and more.

WAV and high definition MP3 (320kbps) included.


Briefing Details

Things I need to know before starting working:

- Style: action, children, adventure, casual, indie, strategy, racing, sports, simulation,...

- Target: family/friends, child, adventurer, institutional, urban, teenager,...

- Mood: happy, epic, zen, inspiring, sophisticated, party, violence, dynamic, motivational,...

- Tempo: slow, medium, fast.

- Additional information: things you want I include (or not) in the track.
For example: "Just acoustic instruments, no synths." or "With castanets".