Professional Music Production

Service Description

Hello! I'm ArtIss -a professional sound producer and beatmaker.

I specialize in contemporary urban music. I made a lot of hip-hop, pop and r&b songs, beats and i know how to make your sound perfect.

You will receive a 44/16 fully mixed and mastered stereo wav file, ( MP3 or other lossy formats only on request, with no additional costs). If you need I will also provide unmastered version, stems, up to looped version of any parts of the track and up to alternative intro or ending versions without any additional charges.

Thanks for writing me. Best Regards

Briefing Details

-Tell me more about genre, lenghts, structure (arrangment), mood, sounds, tempo, etc. of music track you need.

-Send me 2-3 examples (reference music)

-If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact me.