Orchestral Co-Production

Service Description

Orchestral music is one of my musical passions. I love the versatility of different applications and that it requires dynamic voicing and divided harmonies.

I'm able to complement your productions (max 3 min) with piano, strings, brass, woodwinds and orchestral (and cinematic) percussion.
Extra minute of music is optional.

You will receive a 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo wav file and an mp3 copy. Of course you can ask for any format to suite your project.
Scores are optional. If you select this option for your project, I'll send you a total score and scores of each individual instrument(group) in pdf format. On request I can send the Sibelius file as well.

A few of the samples libraries I use for this work are Audiobro's L.A. Scoring Strings (+sordino's), Cinesamples' Cinebrass and Native Instruments' Komplete 10.


Briefing Details

To get your project enhanced with orchestral parts according to your demands, I'd like you to send me an audiofile (preferably in wav format) with the bpm of the track.
I'd love references and/or specific descriptions in order to get the result you want.
Be sure to be as specific as possible in order to get the best result!

Video/conference calls are within the possibilities for collaboration and consultation.
I appreciate honest and open communication. It's all about the end result, to complement your project!