Service Description

Hello, my name is Claudiu. I have over 7 years of experience in the field and have worked with over 300 clients

Know me better

In brief, what do you do?
R: I do Large Websites design, Landing pages, Mobile Apps, Dashboard Design, - UI/UX.
All designs are custom made, and I do not re-use elements from other projects.

In a little more detail …?
R: I help companies define and design new products (apps, websites & more) and also I reimagine the existing ones.

Do you also do code/development?
R: No. I know what can be coded and what can't. My focus is on the design side.

Ok, what files you will provide?
R: At the end, I’ll provide a PSD file. Design is made on Bootstrap Grid, this means the developer will easily make it responsive for other devices.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or consultation!


Briefing Details

For the best final results I will need a detailed description about your field or about the design you want. We can start with:

1 - What does your company/organization do? ?
2 - What is the overall goal of the new design? (increase conversion, brand awareness, increase trust?)
3 - Which is the problem of the current site?
4 - Do you have your own assets which we will use? (pictures/text/diagrams/logo )
5 - There is a palette of colors that we will use?
6 - Can you provide three examples of websites from your field/competitors?
7 - What other information should I know in regards to ideation (Ideas with what should be on the homepage)
8 - Are you interested in a certain type of design style?
9 - How many pages do you need? (between 1 and 5 )

*Means 1 Home page and 4 Inner pages*