Service Description

I'm Claudiu, a self-taught multidisciplinary designer. I use the human-centered approach in order to get the best results for my projects.

How can I help you?

If you or your company needs a complete strategy that delivers the highest quality results, you may inquire further. I offer a variety of services which include UX/UI & Animated Prototypes, Design Systems, Design Direction, and more.

Know me better

In brief, what do you do?
R: I do Large Websites design, Landing pages, Mobile Apps, Dashboard Design, - UI/UX.
All designs are custom made, and I do not re-use elements from other projects.

In a little more detail …?
R: I help companies define and design new products (apps, websites & more) and also I reimagine the existing ones.

Do you also do code/development?
R: No. I know what can be coded and what can't. My focus is on the User Interface, User experience side.


Briefing Details

Give me a short intro to your current situation so I can decide whether or not I can help you. If I can, you'll hear what I need to receive from you so we can start work together.