Service Description

We will develop a 5 page WordPress website. Extra pages can be accommodated at extra charges.

How this works?

1. You come up with your requirement and explain briefly about the website you wish to create.
2. We suggest some themes, we have mix of Free and Premium themes that you can choose from. (Premium themes are completely legal and authorised to be used for our clients)
3. You pick a theme and send us all the data that needs to go on the website, including text, graphics, logo, stock imagery etc. If any of the data is not submitted, dummy text, images will be used.
4. We develop the website, we test it and then demo the draft website once we think it is ready.
5. You get back to us with the list of changes required.
6. We make the changes and demo the website once again. If all is well, we proceed to set-up the website on your web server.

We are team of 3 experienced PHP developers and the following can be ordered as extras.

1. Responsive Design.
2. Extra Pages.
3. Custom Theme Development from scratch.
4. Custom Dynamic PHP applications
5. Custom WordPress plugin development.
6. Theme Customization.

Briefing Details

The brief of your project, we will need details about your business, any websites that you have liked in the recent past. Any specific colours you would like used. We will also need all the data, including, text, graphics, logo, stock images etc that need to go on the website.