Accessible & Responsive Website Development - Web Content Accessible (WCAG 2.0.)

Service Description

Hello and thank you for checking out my service.

Through this service I provide an accessible and responsive website as suggested at

I guarantee that the site will have no errors in any of it's pages when checked on the web content accessibility tool at

The website may be a WordPress site or a static site. It will be built with a WCAG 2.0. accessible and responsive WordPress theme or static template. (I will suggest some if you don't have one). The website may have up to 15 web pages (with text and images), up to 50 images, up to 2 contact forms and 5 goggle maps. (More features may be added afterwards as custom jobs).

If you decide to have a wordpress site (and not a static one),I provide:
- Installation and basic setup of software (i.e. plugins) for 1) Security, 2) Backups (You can have a daily backup of your site saved on your sever and / or on dropbox) 3) Search Engine Optimization 4) Language localization (if your site is not in English) 5) Image resizing on upload (to reduce the size of uselessly large images).
- If you want, WordPress will be installed on a hidden directory like (this increases your site's security). Your site will still be seen on your main directory, of course.
- Site menu structure.
- I will customize the look and feel of your site to suit your preferences, using your theme’s preferences in the wordpress backend. If your theme does not allow for some layout / style (css) tweaks to be done through the WordPress backend, I can make a few with custom css code (by using a child theme)

Looking forward to work with you!

Briefing Details

Please supply

- Accessible WordPress Theme (I can recommend some If you don't have one in mind)
- The directory name you want WordPress to be installed in (would be "/hidden" in the example above).
- Website Logo and Images (preferably in a zipped folder). Please specify the pages each image will be in.
- FTP and Control Panel information of your server.
- Site menu structure.
- The language your site will be in (if not in English - so I can inform wordpress what translation to look for).
- A description on how you would like your site's look and feel to be like.
- Text content (preferably in a Word file)