Service Description

This service is for a small, brochure-style website design, limited to 5 pages maximum. This is ideal for small businesses and individuals that are looking to establish a web presence and increase brand awareness in order to drive leads and foster sales.

I will collaborate with your company to design a new website or redesign your existing website from initial planning to the final design.

If you don't have a developer already in mind, I can build your website and create documentation for you to be able to maintain it in the future. Using Wordpress and the Genesis Framework, I can develop a custom theme that suits your needs and makes your web identity stand out from generic "cookie-cutter" themes.


Briefing Details

In your brief, please provide the following:

- Your company overview (Who are you? What does your company do or sell, and to whom?)
- Most important, main goal for the website (newsletter sign-ups, better brand awareness, increased conversion, clearer messaging)
- Secondary goals
- A structure or outline for the website as best you can (i.e. how many pages and what the general content of each page will be)
- Some examples of other websites that you like so we can work together on figuring out what's best for you
- A link to your existing website or content library if applicable