Service Description

Thanks for your interest.

I have a passion for creating beautiful interesting things, from neat and pixel perfect interfaces for Web Industry to complex Fantasy Art Scene and Character Design (as you can see on my other Envato Services).

It is time for a new modern, responsive design for you web site!

If you need a complete website design, this service is for you. I can deliver you a complete new web site in HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.


Briefing Details

1- Send me the file for what will be in your new web site or you can show me your existing old web site.

2- I will prototype the design. In this step, we will discuss the colors and placements of your web page elements, and will answer the questions like these:
"Where will the menu be?"
"How an introduction will be on homepage?"
"Which colors will be used on the design?"

3- After you approve the prototype, I will add additional design elements to the site and you will get a modern design.

4- And you will get your site files in html and css.