Handcrafted Website Design Service

Service Description

Howdy, I’m Mario M. and I'm a full-time freelancer UX/UI Designer. Author on ThemeForest – Founder of Understandable

I create website designs or re-designs that provide functional, usable and aesthetic solutions to my clients’ goals and their users. Effective, easy-to-use, unique and beautiful user interfaces for landing page, blog, personal portfolio, corporate, e-commerce site, CRM or dashboard, web or mobile app.

I'll help you to transform your ideas, sketches and wireframes into a user-interface that works. In short, I'll work up to 15 hours per main page in order to reaching two essential goals:
1. I will create a unique visual design language understandable, effective and beautiful.
2. I will deliver a highly organised Sketch or Figma file, necessary for the website to go into development.

a) Sketch or Figma design file (layered & grouped).
b) Flat PNG preview file.
c) Link(s) and references to used icons, fonts and stock photos.

Notice, this service offers the creation and delivery of a single screen/page design (Sketch or Figma file fully customizable). If you need more screens/pages, don't hesitate to contact me; I will provide you a custom quote.


Briefing Details

Let's make something amazing together. As introduced before, I'll help you to transform your ideas, sketches and wireframes into an understandable, effective and beautiful visual design solution. Anyway, in order to understand your requirements, I need to receive a brief with the following details.

1. Who are you? Business name and describe your business.

2. Your business objective(s). It’s the action you want visitors to take on the site.
2.1 User objectives. It's about the desires or needs that they want to satisfy.

3. Who are you trying to reach with the design? Your target audience.

4. What is the feeling you want your users have when they visit the website as well as when they leave it?

5. Who is your competition?

6. Do you have existing brand guidelines in place? Just Yes or No.

7. Do you have any visual references and website(s)/URL(s) you like?

8. Please be sure to provide: page content, images/assets and wireframes (if any)

Interested in working together, or maybe just having a conversation? I’d love to hear what you have in mind, and answer any questions you might have. If you have general questions or pre-sale inquiry don't hesitate to contact me.