OpenCart Theme Customization (As Per Specifications)

Service Description

We will customize your new/existing OpenCart theme and customize it according to your provided specifications. We will bring your site to the professional level by giving some effective touch to the front & back-end.

We are offering:

1. Header Modifications:
- Change logo.
- Customize Menu/Megamenu.
- Mobile menu change.
- Search bar & shopping cart modifications.

2. Slider Modifications:
- Slider image/item add.
- Slider text modifications.
- Slider animation.
- Custom slider creation with Slider Revolution.

3. Layout Modifications:
- Rearrange all layouts.
- Page layout change
- Column size fix.
- Responsive fix (All devices).

4. Footer Modifications:
- Footer Redesign.

5. Back-end:
- Product Add.
- New plugin installation.
- Set up shipping.
- Set up currencies.
- Language set up.

6. Others:
- Font(name, size, color) change.
- Eye catching hover effect creation.

And many more.....


Briefing Details

Here's what we need to start with

1. Control Panel/OpenCart Login Credentials of domain/server.
2. Control Panel Login credentials of new domain.
3. Total theme download package (Including Documentation).
4. Proper documentation/specifications.

(N.B: More details you provide, better solution you will get. Give us proper documentation and enjoy your time.)