Professional High Quality Portrait Photography Retouching Service (1 Image)

Service Description

I know what you want and what you are looking for when it comes to photo retouching. As a photographer, I know how important and delicate this process cane be. If you look at the sample images provided, I never go overboard with the retouching that I do. I want the end user to think that is how the photo was taken. I avoid the fake look by any means necessary so that you look like a hero :)

I will remove all distracting details along with any other requests that you may have. The key to any portrait is really capturing and enhancing the main subject to be the main focus. Believe me when I say... I can save almost any workable photograph and take that image to the next step.

All my work requires manual editing with a skilled hand using advanced Photoshop tools and techniques. Long story short... Your portraits are going to look amazing and you'll be able to triple your sales with no effort :D


* Color correction (Including White Balance)
* Realistic smooth face brightening
* Sharper brighter eyes (This will blow you away)
* Major blemish removal (No more acne
* Under eye and wrinkle smoothing (A realistic young look)
* General face smoothing
* Face and neck shape restructure
* Custom output: File type jpeg, tif, psd (Let us know your requests)


If so, get in touch and let me know any special requests that you may have. I'm a professional photographer so feel free to get in touch with me on any issues that you may have.

* We have 100% money back guarantee :D - If you don't like it, you don't buy it (How cool is that).

Briefing Details

* I will need the largest possible resolution file available
* If you can get the camera's native RAW format (CR2)you'll be in real good hands
* I can however, still work with a high resolution, good quality JPEG