Lossless Image Optimization and Compression (50 Images)

Service Description

Hello and welcome to my Lossless Image Optimization and Compression Service.

Improve your loading times and speed of web-page's or WordPress blog. Achieve a greater ranking in the search engines and higher rating in tools that analyzes your page's speed performance. Save space on hard drive. Reduce the final size of your desktop, web, iOS or Anroid application. And what is very important — without any loss of quality.

Images optimization and compression helps in many ways. I'm using the best and proven techniques on any .PNG, .JPG and .GIF files.

You can send up to 50 images.

You will get back optimized and compressed images and the text report on work completed with each file's statistics and value of total space savings.

Thanks for your interest, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Briefing Details

If you ready and want to order this service, please, provide zipped images in one archive (up to 50) with your brief.

Also let me know what resolution preferred and quality: lossless or lossy.