Professional Portrait / Photo Montage

Service Description

Hah! So nice pose, but so bed face)
It's no problem anymore! Let's change it...

Maybe you want to surprise a friend... to change his body with another one...

OR... you wanna great portrait... yeah... Portrait - is very original present!

Perhaps you want to move your friend to the place where he had never been?

Alright! Let's do it!


Briefing Details

All you need, it's to send me images (or working links).
Please be sure you selected the highest quality images of those that you have. If you have your photo in RAW format please send it to me. The RAW format - is the best way to get a high quality results.
If you need to create a new Badge/Insignia and wanna add it to your final photos, please check the box in the section "Extras".