Photo-Retouching with a Professional Touch (up to 10)

Service Description

I have over five years of experience in both digital and darkroom photography. Your images are safe with me!

From family vacations, to birthday parties to product photos. Some times things just don't come out the way that you thought that they would. That's where a professional photography editor comes in but they can be expensive. I will retouch a batch of up to 10 of your images to give them more life. Anything from sharpening, color corrections, straightening, spot removal and HDR effects using top of the line photo editing software.

Editing of images depending on the amount of editing required generally takes 2-3 days. For more challenging projects, and I'm always up for a challenge expect between 5-7 day turn around. Plus if you are not happy with what you get the first time around I am happy and more than willing to re-edit your pictures until you are (included in the price!)

In the case that you have more than 10 images that you would like edited, drop me a message and we can work out a price and plan that will work for both of us.

Thanks for checking out my service, I'm looking forward to the chance to work with you and make your photos amazing.

Briefing Details

- Images in a photoshop compatible format (rule of thumb is JPEG, PNG, RAW formats work great)
- Specify any special edits you would like. Want that sunset to look awesome? Resize for printing? Clear up some acne? The more I know the better the edits will be.
- Want text added to your images? Provide the text that you would like, font and if you have a preference for placement.
- Any other notes that you would like me to be aware of.