Service Description

Welcome ,
I can deliver up to 20 images a day.The product isolated from photo so that it can be displayed on white or any other background. Shadow can be created to add more realism if needed and also retouching . This service will help you to display your product on eBay & other listings in professional way.

Briefing Details

How it works:
1. Please attach your Photos
2. Please inform preferred Background color (White, Transparent or any)
3. Preferred resolution (72 or 300ppi)
4. Dimension of output image (width & height)
5. Preferred file format (PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc)
6. Get all image edit services like ,
Digital image edit,
Hair masking,
Image retouching,
Shadow creation,
Layer masking,
Clip and masking,
Neck join and more .



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